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Intro to WP - Ribbon Parade - Sun 29 Mar 2020

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Dogs QLD Showgrounds, King Av, Durack

Come along for something a little different!

Our annual introduction to Weight Pull and Ribbon Parade are being held on Sunday the 29th March at 10am.

Come along and learn about weight pull, and see if it is something you and your dog would like to try out.

We will also be holding our annual ribbon parade.

Whats a ribbon parade???? A Dog Show for the masses!

Generally things stop being fun if we feel that we are looking like idiots, we are worried, or we are out of our depth. If any, or all of the above are stopping you from coming to a ribbon parade, read on.

If you have an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky you may enter. In fact if you have a dog you can enter. Dogs do not need to be registered with Dogs Queensland to participate. 

A ribbon parade is a show for novices – novice handlers, novice dogs and novice judges. No one is going to banish you from the ring if your dog sits down or you go the wrong way. And although you may feel as if you are wearing a neon sign saying “ Klutz with dog standing here” in actual fact no one will have noticed because they are all too busy turning on their own neon signs.

Dogs are divided into classes by:-

Age group. It makes sense to have baby puppies competing with other baby puppies and not with adult dogs – easier for the judge to compare like with like;

Baby puppies – 3-6 months,

there are also classes for:-

Puppies 6 -12 months,
Juniors 12 – 18 months,
Intermediates 18 months - 36 months
Open - 3 Months and over

Veterans - Over 7 years old

There are lots of other fun classes you can enter as well! Come along and have some fun!


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