Epic Advance Dog Sports Extravaganza - Championship Show

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Event Details
Dogs A.C.T
Sun 07 Jul 2019
Mon 01 Jul 2019
Mon 01-Jul-2019 10:00 AM
Location Details
Exhibition Park, Federal Highway, Canberra
Corner of Flemington Road and Federal Highway

Judging Commences Daily at 8.30am Sunday-Sweepstakes to be judged simultaneously at 8.30am followed by breed judging

Event Judges
3-6 Month Sweepstakes
6-12 Month Sweepstakes
Veterans Sweepstakes 7 yrs & under 10
Veterans Sweepstakes 10 Yrs & Over
Neuter Sweepstakes
12-18 Month Sweepstakes
General Specials
Ms Pirjo Aaltonen (Finland)
Group 1 - Toy Group
Mr Johan Becerra (Puerto Rico)
Group 2 - Terrier Group
Ms Carol Mulcahy (Ireland)
Group 3 - Gundog Group
Mr Satoshi Bessho (Japan)
Group 4 - Hound Group
Ms Pirjo Aaltonen (Finland)
Group 5 - Working Dog Group
Ms Tabatha Buckley (ACT)
Group 6 - Utility Group
Mrs C McCallum-Immelman (Sth Africa)
Group 7 - Non-Sporting Group
Mr Stephen Dainard (Canada)

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