1. Simple
    There is nothing for the club to configure, just let us know you want online entries for your show and we will set up the entire show for you.
  2. Affordable
    We believe in making entering online affordable for everyone. There are no costs to the Clubs and at $0.50 per entry (plus credit card charges) we are half the cost of our competitors.
  3. Increase Entries
    Clubs have the ability to extend the entry close date right up to the last minute past the official closing date.
  4. Existing users already familiar with our system
    Existing users of our site have features available to them which exceed just online entries. We already have thousands of users around the country using Show Manager to help print and maintain the entries and results. Offering these users an option to enter online is just a natural extension of the current features available.
  5. Improve quality of Entries
    During the whole process of entering online we validate the data to ensure you don’t get dogs in wrong classes and you also control the cost of the entry fee, the user is not able to override or modify any of the costs set by the club.
  6. Rich in features
    It’s the little things we do that make a difference, e.g. When selecting a class you don’t need to choose a male (11) or female (11a) class you just choose ‘Open’ and we work out the rest for you. Users have advanced alerting to notify them of upcoming events, reminds them about events they have entered and even a weather forecast for the show.
  7. Designed for Catalogues
    We have worked closely with Cataloguers to ensure that the reporting we offer is readable, what they need and laid out in a format they prefer. Our integration options make it easy to provide enterprise level solutions to any club no matter how big or small.
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