Dayboro Show Society - Championship Show, Fri 03 Sep 2021

Event Alert
Created: 24 Aug 2021

Check your Class

With the new show date the system will not automatically move your class if it needs to be changed. Please check your dogs class and if it need to be change click on this link for instructions on how you can change your class or swap your dog.


Created: 22 Jul 2021

Schedule Update

Mrs L Field (QLD) will be judging Group 3 followed by Mr J Daidone (QLD) judging Group 7
Created: 08 Jul 2021

New Event Date

Event will now be held on Friday 03 Sep 2021
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Event Details
Fri 03 Sep 2021
Tue 31 Aug 2021
Sun 29-Aug-2021 9:00 PM
Location Details
Dayboro Showgrounds
3512 Mt. Mee Road

Judging time: 8.30am

Event Judges
Baby Puppy Sweepstakes
Ms M Schelbach (Qld)
General Specials
Mrs H Weil (Qld)
Puppy Sweepstakes
Mrs H Weil (Qld)
Group 1 - Toy Group
Ms M Schelbach (Qld)
Group 2 - Terrier Group
Mrs H Weil (Qld)
Group 3 - Gundog Group
Mrs L Field (Qld)
Group 4 - Hound Group
Ms M Schelbach (Qld)
Group 5 - Working Dog Group
Mrs H Weil (Qld)
Group 6 - Utility Group
Mrs H Weil (Qld)
Group 7 - Non-Sporting Group
Mr J Daidone (Qld)

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