Victorian Women's Dog Club Inc - Championship Show, Mon 06 Nov 2023

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Event Details

Mon 06 Nov 2023
Fri 03 Nov 2023
Fri 03-Nov-2023 12:00 PM

Location Details

Bulla Exhibition Centre
5 Uniting Ln


<p><strong abp="1128"><em abp="1129">Battle of the Ashes - only best in show (all breed show) from anywhere in Australia since October 2022 are eligible</em></strong></p><p><strong abp="1128"><em abp="1129">** Catalogue will be provided online free of charge before the show **</em></strong></p>

Event Judges

General Specials
Mr H Lehkonen (Finland)
Battle of the Ashes
Mr G Hayburn (Canada)
Breeders Team
Mr G Hayburn (Canada)
Group 1 - Toy Group
Mrs Carmen Haller (Canada)
Group 2 - Terrier Group
Mr M Mannucci (Italy)
Group 3B - Gundog Group
Mr M Kipina (FIN)
Group 3A - Gundog Group
Ms Y Savard (Canada)
Group 4B - Hound Group
Mrs P Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland)
Group 4A - Hound Group
Miss M Doppelreiter (Austria)
Group 5A - Working Dog Group
Mrs P Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland)
Group 5B - Working Dog Group
Miss M Doppelreiter (Austria)
Group 6 - Utility Group
Mr H Lehkonen (Finland)
Group 7 - Non-Sporting Group
Mr G Hayburn (Canada)

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