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Scent Workshop - Advanced - Sun 28 Aug 2022

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Club Activity
Bonegilla Community Hall

Working positions.

Venue for Workshop: Bonegilla Hall - 3394 Murray Valley Hwy Bonegilla 3691

Please refer to NETSC Facebook for further details.

Lunch and morning tea provided.

Payment required by 5 August 2022 to secure your place!

NETSC members $70 (cost of pre-requisite course is additional)

Non financial members $105 (cost of pre-requisite course is additional)

NOTE: Places held for people who had advised via fb page first, then places are filled on a first in basis. 

Contact Details
Jude Lowe
Items available for purchase
Scent Workshop - Advanced - NON-NESTC MEMBER ONLY: $105.00 (10 Items Remaining)

Scent Workshop - Advanced NETSC Member: $70.00 (1 Items Remaining)

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