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All Breeds Lure Coursing Try Outs - Sun 08 Oct 2023

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After the official trial, approx 12noon.
183 Manear Rd, Rosa Brook

22 Tryout Runs will be offered as a separate activty at the same venue as our Official Trial open to all breeds.

Dogs must be a minimum of 6mths -15mths for Puppy Runs and Adult Runs are 15months+

Your entry includes 1 Run. Runs commence at the conclusion of the Official Trial, please check in with the Trial Secretary for numbers and briefing.



Each dog will be allocated a maximum of 10 minutes for assistance. The Lure Operator, Huntmaster and Trainer will be available to assist and advise as required. Dogs may attempt part or full course runs. Off-field assistance is available to learn the best way to release and retrieve your dog, and to answer questions.

"Puppy Runs" are assisted runs for puppies aged between 6 & up to 15 months. Such dogs are not physically mature enough to attempt a full course.

Puppy Runs will be conducted at the same time as the other try outs, however puppies will only be able to attempt part of the course, with the aim of seeing if the puppy has the instinct to chase the bags. These runs will generally only include a straight line and an open corner to minimize the impact on their bodies and help protect their developing joints.

Lure Coursing uses a loud engine to drive the bags around the course and pulleys on the field. Some puppies can be overwhelmed by this, which can have an impact on their willingness to course in the future. If in the opinion of the WCWA field team your puppy is showing signs of stress you will be advised to take your puppy off the field for its well being.

Please note: Puppies under the age of 6 months are not eligible for puppy runs. Dogs under the age of 15 months will be deemed a puppy and will only run a shortened course. 

General Conditions of Entry

All dogs must be securely contained in a crate or vehicle. Dogs that escape and interfere with a dog on course will be refused any further participation at the meet. You are legally responsible  for your dog’s actions, please ensure they are under control at all times. 
Please ensure you have water for your dog for after their run. 

Lure Coursing is very demanding on your dog's physical fitness. To avoid injury or illness, dogs which are in the opinion of WCWA officials, unfit to participate on the basis of weight or soundness, may be refused participation on the day. All dogs attending must be up to date with vaccinations. Entering  this event/activity is at your own risk and by entering, you agree to void any legal claims against the club, Dogswest and property owners regarding injury to your person, property and dog/s.



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