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Bale Hunt sessions - Sun 07 Jul 2024

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Bale Hunt sessions.

This is a fun activity for all breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds.

It involves a scented item (quarry) placed in closed pvc tubes hidden in loose straw or hay and/or between or on top of the bales.

Dogs and their handlers take turns in an approximate 7m x 7m enclosure to search for the scented tube(s). The dog must climb onto at least one bale, navigate a short, straight tunnel, and locate one tube that has the quarry in it. The experienced dogs are given a tunnel with one or more turns and more tubes to find. A step up made of straw is part of the setup so small dogs will find it easier to get onto a bale.

If you are attending for the first time, please enter the 9am session or the 10:45am session. Each dog and handler team will be introduced to the quarry item, how to search for it in the straw, and the simple rules of the game. Each session will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Dog and handler teams take turns searching the bales and will have 3 runs each.

Those who have done this activity before can enter the 10:45am or 12:15pm sessions.

Bring a hat, chair, water snacks, and dog treats if you want.

Please note, there is no access to a washroom.

Please keep your dog on lead at all times and prevent barking, for the sake of the neighbours.

No Flexi-leads in the parking area nor training ring.

This is a private property so parking is limited. If you are coming for the first time, please TEXT me for the parking info at least a day before the event.

When you enter please type in the Note section your dog's name and breed. Thank you!

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Activity Closed

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