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2024 Cairns Show Camping - Fri 05 Jul 2024

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Quigley Street, Cairns Showgrounds Camping Grounds

Camping available for the Cairns and CKCC  Championship Shows . Please note that the camping sites size are wider, as per last year. 


*** UPDATE*** (8/7/2024)

Camping site (large) are now sold out! Only 1 smaller Gazebo site left. Gazebo site is charged at $20 per night.


Camping fees charged at $25 per camping allocation per night (gazebo sites excepted) - one vehicle / one electrical cord each - additional charge for extras.
*** Camping available from 5/7/2024 until 26/7/2024. Weekly camping special price, 7 days stay for the price of 6 nights at $150 per week ***

For example, if you wish to stay for 10 nights between 13/7/2024 - 22/7/2024, book a weekly camping - $150 (input 1 unit and specify 1 week camping dates -  13/7/2024 - 19/7/2024) and include your site preferences that are still showing available on the attached map below. And then select the individual camping nights for 21, 22 and 23rd July 2023 = 1 unit each @ $25 per night = $75. Total camping will be $225.


If you are interested in a gazebo site (smaller camp site), you must fit within 3m (frontage) x 7m (length). Cost is $20 per gazebo allocation per night. Please contact prior and specify stay dates. Once approved, you will get notification when this option is available to take your booking.


There is an option for camping for 3 days - Thursday 18th - Saturday 20th July - $75.00 for your convenience.


Sites will not be confirmed until closer to the the Cairns Show and all payment and camping booking form (see attachment below) is completed and submitted to the Cairns Show Association. Site allocation will be allocated based on length of stay (longer stays will take precedent), where the camper is based (distance) and special circumstances (such as mobility etc). 


Access times to be negotiated, but generally Midday to Midday the next day or part thereof. 


Although COVID directives / restrictions no longer exists, the CAIRNS AGRICULTURAL, PASTORAL AND MINING ASSOC. still recommends practicing COVID safe measures including not attending this event if you are unwell, waiting for COVID test results, if you are a close contact of a confirmed COVID case.


Campers enter grounds at own risk and releases CAIRNS AGRICULTURAL, PASTORAL AND MINING ASSOC. from any liability for any occurrence that may affect the campers during their occupancy of the grounds.  Occupants agree to indemnify the CAIRNS AGRICULTURAL, PASTORAL AND MINING ASSOC. its servants and agents, and to keep them indemnified, against all actions, claims, demands, loss, damage, injury, costs and expenses arising from, or in any way connected with, negligence or breach of these camp area rules by occupants.


Campers must not contaminate waterways, roadside gutters, storm water drainage as per the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019. Please refer to Schedule 10 – Prescribed Water Contaminants (see attachment below). Laundry wastewater may be discharged to ground provided the lines are appropriately covered with a filter socks that measure between 50-100 micron. These socks must be securely attached to ensure no seepage. Feet socks and stockings are not appropriate methods. A limited stock of filter socks are available for $7 each at the Cairns Show office during business hours.

For your convenience a filter sock is attached to the sink within the camping area. Please take care of the area and contact the Show office if the filter sock needs replacing.


The nearest dump point is within the main campgrounds area. Please contact the Show Office for access, otherwise at the Cairns Wastewater Depot at 38 Macnamara Street Manunda.  


By paying for a camp site I note the provisions above in regards to use of camp grounds and confirm that anyone that accompanies me at my camp site will adhere to these rules.

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