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Easter In December Camping - Fri 04 Dec 2020

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Created: 03 Nov 2020

How to review camping nights

When camping was set up it was just added in as generic 'Camping' and you were able to select the units you wanted based on the number of nights.

Due to the COVID plan we have had to separate this out so that there is an item for each night. If you have made a camping booking we have modified the system so that you can go back in and adjust the days of your booking and spread it over the appropriate nights you are staying.

Here are the instructions on how to adjust your existing booking;

From the menu click on 'My Area' and then select 'My Events', this will list all your shows and you will also see the camping. Click on the camping to view the details page. From the details page you will see a 'Previous Orders' section, this will show you what you have previously paid. In the section where camping is listed click on the 'Edit' button then you can reallocate your units to the other days.

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Bundaberg Recreational Precinct

Entry to the grounds via University Drive only Non Campers may enter grounds after 2.00PM Friday and Saturday Camping: $25.00 per night powered, $19.00 per night unpowered
Campers can enter the grounds after 1.00PM Thursday and must leave by 2.00PM Sunday

As this is our Easter in December show please wear your Bunny Ears Please ensure you follow all Covid-19 Rules Exhibitors not camping must park in allocated parking

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