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Eye and Heart Clinic - Thu 23 Dec 2021

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Created: 14 Dec 2021

Eye and Heart Clinic Booking times

Please note your appointment times. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and remember to bring your dogs registration paperwork (pedigree papers) Please email with any queries.

Eye appointments
TimeNameNo. Dogs
2.00pmGarry Perkins2
2.15pmFelicity Dyer1
2.30pmDeb Casey7
3.00pmRachel Shapter2
3.15pmFelicity Nolan2
3.30pmSimone Hey1
3.45pmLynn Hunter3
4.00pmJanelle Salvestrin1
4.15pmElizabeth Donohoo2 ( 1 gonioscopy)
4.30pmDebra Stubbings6
4.45pmRachael Ohlrich3
5.00pmScott Rowe2
5.15pmKaren Craig (Anita Langford)1
5.30.pmPamela Beaumont1
Heart appointments
TimeNameNo. Dogs
2.00pmDeb Casey3
2.30pmGarry Perkins1
2.45pmFelicity Dyer1
3.00pmMargot Stuckey1
3.15pmFelicity Nolan2
3.30pmDebra Stubbings2
3.45pmSimone Hey1
4.00pmElizabeth Donohoo1
4.15pmRachael Ohlrich1
4.30pmJanelle Salvestrin1
4.45pmSamantha Ibbott-Cordi1
5.00pmRenee Brawata1
5.15pmNorm Strathdee2
5.30pmScott Rowe2
5.45pmPamela Beaumont1
Ultrasound appointments
5.30pmKaren Craig (Anita Langford)1
5.45pmAntoinette Scott1
6.00pmJulia Martiniello1



Created: 22 Dec 2021

Eye and Heart Clinic Today

Just a reminder that our Eye & Heart clinic is on today. Please remember to bring your dogs pedigree papers and a pen. The wearing of masks is reccomended whilst in your consult. Entrance is via gate 3, there is a Covid testing centre on the grounds but the Showground manager assures me that traffic queues in the area won't be an issue. Please call me on 0412407077 if you are delayed.




Club Activity
2.00pm, bookings essential.
Hawkesbury Showground

The GRC of NSW Inc. are holding their bi-annual Eye & Heart Clinic. 

This clinic is open to All Breeds although Members of The GRC of NSW will take precedence if numbers are exceeded. Members with the furthest distance to travel may request early appointments.

Entrance is via Gate 3, 40 Racecourse Road, Clarendon.

Please remember to bring your dogs Pedigree papers.

Masks must be worn during your appointment.




GRC Members Only - $95 1st dog, $75/dog thereafter

Non Members - $100 1st dog, $80/dog thereafter

Gonioscopy - additional $45/dog

Litter Screening - $50 1st pup, $45/pup thereafter


GRC Members only - $60/dog

Non Members - $65/dog

Ultrasounds - $275/dog

Payments must be prepaid via Show Manager.

Please contact Janelle Salvestrin for bookings via email at


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Janelle Salvestrin
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