Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Qld

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Qld

The BSDCQ is an organization which operates with integrity and efficiency, whilst promoting ethical and knowledgeable guardianship of the Belgian Shepherd Dog to ensure the optimum health, well-being and type of the breed. It encourages participation in the diverse range of dog sports available in a fair and sporting manner.

Welcome to the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of QLD Inc, a club dedicated to the betterment of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. We operate under the Australian National Kennel Council, and are Incorporated and have Not For Profit Status.  Dogs Qld is the principal governing body for dogs in Qld, under the ANKC, and our club is affiliated with Dogs Qld and ANKC.

We aim to promote responsible breeding from health tested dogs, uphold the breed standard, and maintain the working ability of this breed.  Our member breeders are ANKC registered breeders of pedigree dogs.

We welcome members from across Australia, and invite those who share a passion in this breed to join us to work together in our goals. We have members who are active in show, obedience, agility, herding, tracking and other disciplines, but many members are families with a companion Belgian.

Our club maintains an open health register for Belgian Shepherds and lectures at the Dogs Qld yearly Breed lectures for upcoming conformation judges.

We currently hold a Championship Show in June each year, and two Open Shows in March. We also hold fun days throughout the year and publish a bi-monthly e-newsletter. We also have many more plans for the future and if you are interested in becoming a part of our club, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a Not for Profit Organization # IA31954.  Member of Dogs Qld, under the Australian National Kennel Council.  Recognized by the RSPCA as the original Belgian Rescue Service in Queensland, operating national Rescue since 07/04/1994.

The Qld government requires us to have a Breeder Identity Number for our Rescue service.  This number is BIN0002579040554

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