Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club (Trial 2) - Rally O

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Event Alert
Created: 22 Feb 2019

Event Cancelled

We have just been informed by Dogs Qld that the board of directors have decided to cancel tomorrows trial due to safety reasons because of the severe weather warnings for the weekend..It will be in Paw Prints today.. Please note this is a decision that has been made by Dogs Qld.. 
Created: 27 Feb 2019

New Date for postponed event.

Postponed Sunshine Coast  Double Rally O Trial that was to be held on the 23/02/19 has now been rescheduled to 16/03/19
Vetting time and judging time unchanged
Trial 1
Novice, Mr Craig Stewart 
Advanced A&B, Mrs Lesley Affleck 
Excellent A & B, Mrs Lesley Affleck 
Masters, Mrs C Fisher

Trial 2 
Novice, Mrs Lesley Affleck
Advanced A & B, Mrs C Fisher 
Excellent A & B, Mrs C Fisher 
Masters, Mr Craig Stewart

If you are unable to attend please advise via email, Include your name dogs entered and your bank details and we will remove you from the catalogue and refund your entry.
Event Details
Rally O Trial
Sat 23 Feb 2019
Sat 09 Feb 2019
Sat 09-Feb-2019 11:30 PM
Location Details
Ballinger Rd Sports
Balllinger Rd

Judging Starts At: 4:00 pm Vetting Starts At: 3:00 pm

Trial 2 to commence at the completion of Judging of Trial 1

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