Proston Show Society - Championship Show

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Created: 05 Mar 2020

Change of Judge

Terriers at Proston are now being judge by Mr D McGreevy and not Mr L Wright
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Event Details
Sat 07 Mar 2020
Mon 17 Feb 2020
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Location Details
Proston Showgrounds
Boondoomba Road

Judging time: 8.30am

Event Judges
General Specials
Mr D McGreevy (Qld)
Group 1 - Toy Group
Mr L Wright (Qld)
Group 2 - Terrier Group
Mr L Wright (Qld)
Group 3 - Gundog Group
Mr L Wright (Qld)
Group 4 - Hound Group
Mr N McGreevy (Qld)
Group 5 - Working Dog Group
Mr L Wright (Qld)
Group 6 - Utility Group
Mr D McGreevy (Qld)
Group 7 - Non-Sporting Group
Mr N McGreevy (Qld)

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