Tour de Pines - Sleddog Race

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Sat 05 Sep 2020
Sat 29 Aug 2020
Tue 01-Sep-2020 11:59 PM
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Tour de Pines is a single heat Bikejoring and Canicross Sleddog Race hosted by the Western Australian Sleddog Sports Association (WASSA).

Race classes will be 4.5km bikejoring, 4.5km canicross, 2.5km bikejoring and 2.5km canicross. All classes are mono dog classes.

Newcomers/non-members are welcome however, some experience is preferred as adherence to race rules and proper mushing etiquette is required. Your dog must be able to pass or be passed by other teams without interfering with that the other team in anyway. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure their dogs have the required fitness level to run the distance entered. A driver may compete in more than one class at this event but dogs must only compete in one class. If running more than one class a different dog must be used in each class entered.

5:00 – 5.30am check-in. 5.30am – Drivers meeting. 6:00am Start (temperatures allowing)


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