Border Collie Club Of NSW Inc - Scent Work, Sat 28 May 2022

Event Alert
Created: 23 May 2022

Event Cancelled

The event has been cancelled. Self refunding has been enabled, CLICK HERE for instructions on how to process your refund.
Event Details
Sat 28 May 2022
Mon 23 May 2022
Mon 23-May-2022 12:00 PM
Location Details
Bill Spilstead Complex
Luddenham Rd
Orchard Hills
Judging Commences: 8.30am
Event Judges
Novice Interior
Dr Penelope Mead (NSW)
Novice Container
Dr Penelope Mead (NSW)
Advanced Container
Dr Penelope Mead (NSW)
Excellent Container
Dr Penelope Mead (NSW)
Novice Exterior
Ms C Stani (NSW)
Novice Vehicle
Ms C Stani (NSW)
Advanced Exterior
Ms C Stani (NSW)

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