Weimaraner Club of NSW Inc Specialty Show - Championship Show, Sun 21 Aug 2022

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Created: 18 Aug 2022

Change of Judge

The Weimaraner Club of NSW inc would like to apologise to our members and exhibitors as we have a change of judge From Mr Anderson USA who is not coming to Australia To Mr Robert Robinson USA Sporting dog specialist.
Created: 11 Jul 2022


The Weimaraner Club of NSW Championship Show will now be held at the Blue Circle Oval, Taylor Avenue, New Berrima.
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Sun 21 Aug 2022
Fri 12 Aug 2022
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General Specials
Mr Robinson (USA)
3-6 Month Sweepstakes
Mr Robinson (USA)
6-12 Month Sweepstakes
Mr Robinson (USA)
Best Headed Bitch
Mr Robinson (USA)
Best Headed Dog
Mr Robinson (USA)
Best Movement Dog
Mr Robinson (USA)
Best Movement Bitch
Mr Robinson (USA)
Sire & Progeny
Mr Robinson (USA)
Dam & Progeny
Mr Robinson (USA)

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