VIC Dog Sports Events - May 2020 (Online Only)

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May 2020

State Event Name Location Event Type Entries Closing Files
02-May-2020 (Saturday)
VIC Working Dog Club of Victoria Maroondah Highway Tracking Mon 20-Apr Cancelled
03-May-2020 (Sunday) [ Top ]
VIC Berwick Obedience Dog Club (AM Trial) McKenzie Lane Obedience Fri 24-Apr Cancelled
VIC Berwick Obedience Dog Club (PM Trial) McKenzie Lane Rally O Fri 24-Apr Cancelled
09-May-2020 (Saturday) [ Top ]
VIC German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc KCC Park Obedience Mon 27-Apr 12:00 AM Cancelled
23-May-2020 (Saturday) [ Top ]
VIC Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc Inverleigh Tracking Sun 10-May Cancelled
31-May-2020 (Sunday) [ Top ]
VIC International Virtual Show (Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc) Online Club Activity Sun 31-May

May 2020

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